Don't Move. Improve.

The neighborhood is great and you love your house. You really don’t want to move, but you want more living space

Perhaps you’ve always longed for a...

• Larger Kitchen • Room Addition • Finished Lower Level • Larger Bath

Before you leave the home your family already loves, consider customizing your home instead of putting up with all of the hassles of moving. Remodeling costs less than buying a new home. Plus, your family can stay in the neighborhood they love, keep their school and friends, and you’ll be adding value to your property. Reinvent your home. Life. It just takes one call to DeHaan Remodeling Specialists today to get started!


Kitchen Remodel

“Bob DeHaan used his computer-aided design (CAD) program to design everything, and it really helped to be able to visualize everything before we started. He was able to move things around on the computer until we felt comfortable with the layout, and we could view everything from different angles.”

Kitchen & Family Room Remodel

“I was impressed that Bob said they wouldn’t start on any demolition until everything for the project arrived. That way there would be no delays once they started.”

Kitchen Remodel

Parkview Hills
“All of the sub-contractors were very respectful. They knew we were trying to live there, so the place was always cleaned up when we returned each day. Plus, the entire project took 6 weeks…exactly what Bob told us at the start.”

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